Choosing a Gpu

Hey everyone, today i really need help choosing a gpu. (price range is under 250, but a little over is fine) These are my options :

I'm kinda dubious about the powercolor because i've never heard of them and also some people said they might run pretty hot ( 80-90C) pretty ridiculous (I kinda want to overclock), but being a tahiti(techincally a radeon 7930) is a reason to consider. The his iq and sapphire are supposed to run cool so i like them. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to use them. Thanks.

the saphire has a promo till wednesday: EMCXPXP25 $176

also here's a 7950 for $250

i'd personally go for the cheap sapphire, but if you wanna use all you're budget i'd get the 7950

a 660 ti for about 15 dollars more is a few more FPS and has cuda if you do any video editing/rendering. That and if you get an asus card (AMD or NVIDIA) they are very nice and easy to overclock.