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Hey guys I'm going to build a computer soon and I was wondering if a 3930k or 3820 would support pci express 3.0. I have been looking around the internet and the answers don't look reliable. Please don't reccomond an lga 1155 because It's already final that I'm gonna get lga2011 I just don't know if it supports pci express 3.0. Please tell me if they do.

Neither officially support PCI-e 3.0:

However, Wikipedia has claimed twice, on two separate pages, that the x79 platform does unofficially support PCI-e 3.0, in certain boards such as the ASUS Sabertooth x79. The sources cited don't back up those claims, so you're going to have the check the specs of the motherboard itself.

Any particular reason you're married to 2011? Because it seems to me the only way you're guaranteed PCI-e 3.0 is through a 1155 Ivy Bridge CPU.

I'm hoping to get 2011 because of the new intel processors that are coming out and also to be future proof.

you mean haswell? haswell is NOT LGA2011

Haswell is LGA1150


Thanks for all the advice now I'm sure I'll get lga1155

if you are worried about future compatibility, 1155 is a dead end socket


I don't think you read that properly, Haswell will not be coming to any existing socket, you will have to wait until its release for motherboards to become available for socket LGA 1150.

1155 =/= 1150; they are two different sockets, with (very likely) no compatiblity. If you're really concerned about "future-proofing", which is really futile for RAM, CPU, and GPU, AMD is the best route to go, since history has shown their sockets to have long health lives, as newer CPU's tend to backwards compatible older sockets, and vice versa.

The only real problem with AMD is that it still doesn't natively support PCI-e 3.0, which seems to be the whole point for this thread.

I suppose that is a problem, technically speaking, within the context of the thread, but being that there isn't a single GPU card that can saturate PCI-e 2.0, and a lot more PCI-e lanes with AMD chipsets vs 1155 chipsets, I don't see it as a problem, unless the OP plans on running a 7990, or 690. Also, the whole reason why the OP wanted 2011 is upgradability, but I suppose that is reading between the lines.

If you want to be somewhat future proof AMD is the way and even thought Steamroller is coming I have a bit doubts about it since it may be on newer socket to fully utilize the power of it, but if that happens... Dont worry, AMD will maintain socket compatibility like always even thought I would like to see they make a vastly better socket and ditchin compatibility this time. Intel always make new sockets every one or two years to get better usage of their CPU's but then it more costly and sometimes not worth it the trouble :P

It all depends on you bro, dont take my opinion on AMD that much seriously when its about new socket. Just a theory and hope...

AMD only performs well vs intel in single GPU performance, Multi-GPU really suffers on AMD CPU's, i wish it was not that way, but it is :/

I don't suppose you have benchmarks/sources to back that up, do you? Because as far I'm concerned, in realistic gaming loads, AMD's FX series stands toe-to-toe with Intel's Core i7.

I pulled some of Logan's data and put it in a chart:



So, aside from Far Cry 3 @ 1080p, Intel is about 3FPS faster than AMD, give or take.

That was before they bought ATI... Intel is now better at singlethreaded, but for multithreaded AMD is better than i5 3570k and toe-to-toe to i7 3770k. Do you even do any research?

More and more programs are multithreaded so will be the games and AMD will shine...



No proof at all....


I do not say things from my arse hole...


Here is a real world story for you bottlenecking a GTX 590 (not FX, but makes little difference)



Almost every new intel series of CPU's has a new socket. They do not let you carry over sockets unlike AMD who uses the same socket for many years and CPU's and even builds in backwards compatibility.

PCI 3.0 is a waste on even upcoming GPU's, they don't need the bandwidth. Buying a socket 2011 is a stupid use of money really. Get an core i5/7 or 8350 for gaming, vid editing etc.

To answer the opeing post, most motherboard manufacturers support pcie 3.0 for socket 2011. Intel just does not do it natively as such. 

Also, GPU scaling counts with Multi-GPU, so do not think these results are good, they are pretty abysmal.

we need to see more games like crysis 3, as far a game codding goes, as crysis 3 was actually optimized for 6 cores hence why the the amd stands up so well against the 3770k although if it was 3930k onwards it would be a different story, but still it's nice to see more cores being used.

I do not say things from my arse hole...

sites self for "real world story"


Just no talking to some folk......

I shall let you listen to AMD hype, and i shall continue from experience and knowledge..

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Pretty funny considering you own only Intel builds, and i own AMD and Intel builds.....