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Chooseing a vpn

sup errbody,
I recently started requiring a vpn for reasons that you should mind your business about. I choose privateinternetaccess for this month mostly for the convenience factor of it being on my twitter and not having too look for one.
So far they have met my needs just fine and I'm considering switching too the yearly. Before I do that what do you guys think? I want cheap and good and also cheap.

Been using PIA for over a year now, I like them fine. They seem pretty up front and honest about what they are up to. They say they don't retain any data and have multiple countries/regions to use. I also seem to get around 90% of my speed thru them as well, YMMV

Same here. I tried PIA for a month, was impressed and paid for a year. Haven't regretted it. The Windows client software has worked well too.

I've been using PIA for 18 months as well. Its been great for the most part but I've noticed for the last week and a half I've been getting intermittent speeds which go from great to slow speeds. Anyone else getting the same. Do you think this is due to new people joining PIA because of the new ISP rules?

I've been using PIA for about 3 years at the router level on pfSense. First in Texas, now in Southern California. There speeds and latency have always been pretty good for me and the openvpn setup in pfSense was pretty simple.

Qotsa, I did many months ago, but believe it or not it got better about a week or 3 after I hit the slow speed option, lol. Coincidence or luck I know not, I just know living in BFE Montana I have 60 meg interent and get 55ish thru PIA most days..

I have been using PIA for 3 years. The price and speed is good. I like that i have it on my Android, Linux Mint box and Windows 7. I can have all of them on the VPN separately at the same time.

My step son who is more paranoid than me uses PIA. I've been doing some digging and found this site that compares VPNs;

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I have notaced occasionally you lose connection for a few seconds, not sure how often this happens though.

Since I'm over my data cap and my isp allows two months of overages before they start charging you fees I decided ide get my big data downloads done this month, so far I'm up too 4 tb and after the first tb Comcast started blocking the url I was downloading from but after a few days they unblocked it

Take a look at mullvad

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I've narrowed it down to Mullvad or Azirevpn. I decided against PIA because, even though they are cheap and lots of peeps use them, they are based in the US and US privacy laws suck.
I like that Azire has a warrant canary, I couldn't find if Mullvad uses one.
I need to test the speeds and latency of these two and I'll use the one that's fastest. If they are close then I'll pick Azire because canary.
Now to figure out how to test....

I know you can get a 3 hour free test account at mullvad.

Also, regarding the warrant canary, I have not looked into the capability of the VPN to notify users. But this source (which you've probably looked at already) both Azire and Mullvad basically say the same to point 5 regarding subpoenas.

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These tips sound good. I hope this article helps because I'm shopping for a VPN also.

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OpenVPN is solid. Most VPSs are super cheap. Put the two together and you have nobody but yourself to blame if data leaks.

Found a bit of an issue I suspect my vpn of causeing. I have had my credit card info stolen and used for some asshole to take a $200 lyft some place today in san francisco. I am careful with my cards and this has certainly never happened before. I strongly suspect one of the privateinternetaccess servers was compromised facilitating a man in the middle attack. this is defiantly not good.

PIA recently hired Mark Karpeles as its CEO, a convicted felon and fraudster. I used PIA myself for several years, but I’m switching when my subscription is up. The Wirecutter recently released a great VPN service review, based on that I’m probably going with TORguard.

I personally use PIA. I tried it for a month and then bought a year. I think I am 8 months in.

I use it at home, on my phone, on my laptop, my tablet, and my work PC.

Easy to use, easy to turn on and off as needed

Yeah I’m happy with the service, I just don’t like that their CTO is a crook.

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