Choice of cooler for the 270x

Hi there. I have a choice between two different 270x cards both made by Sapphire.

 Now the 4 gig card has the 4 gig part going for it, but I was wondering if the difference in coolers would make enough of a difference that the toxic card would be better overall. I think some of the clock speeds are also better on the toxic card but it's nothing an overclock wouldn't solve.


Thanks in advance.

I had the 270x Toxic and it was great. My temps maxed out at about 50c and the cooler never got that loud. As for the vram you shouldn't need more than 2Gb. 4Gb of vram does not really make sense on a mid range card anyway because the types of things that need 4Gb of vram like eyefinity gaming need something more powerful like a 280x or 290x.