Chivalry server!?

What server do you guys usually play on? Logan, What server do you play on?

Anyone? cuz im bored!

I just bought Chivalry today...

Ok brennan! :3 so did i lol xD ill add you on steam whats your steam name?

Multiplay servers are the best imo

Lawkodi add me same steam name

I just bought it this minute ha, runs like crap on my laptop but I stopped caring. When I get my pc it will run marvelously anyways.

Turn the settings to low. xD

Added you

I played the free weekend of it, I can run it like that lol.

My internet is amazing, I get 6 MB/s download at times, but can't load web pages.

We will try to get the server going again at I'll bother nate about it. 

Add me Logan for chivalry same name please

Okay, Thanks alot logan! i know the community will have fun playing on it. Now that its on sale hopefuly alot of people will get it.

Add me: Rust In Peace

I usually play on random free for all servers. I'd definately play on a Tek Syndicate server though.

i just play on random populated, low-ping servers, generally team-deathmatch/ team objective/ or last team standing

but i'd deffinitly play on a tek server

steam name is same as here