Cherry Switch "break in" period?

Just a slight observation I've had and was wondering if theirs anything to back it up.

so I bought a WASDV2 with greens two years ago, and at first it was shitty to type on (thought it was my weak fingers) but aafter a while it became a dream.

Now I bought a pok3r a few weeks back with clears, at first again, very hard to type on (even though greens are ehavier and I should already have the muscle for it) and after 2-3 months the keyboard is feeling crisper and better to type on.

so I was wondering if I'm not crazy or cherry switches have a break in period.

Almost anything mechanical will have a break in period as the different moving parts essentially grind against each other until the contact surfaces are smooth against each other.


I think at some point Logan said something about his wasd keyboard (dont remember the model) with mx clears had a "break in" in terms of changing keycaps so you had to wait a day to do so otherwise you may break something. I think thats what he said but I might just be retarded so dont quote me on this, I dont have time to rewatch the video right now

@anon59440203 is right, plus you will get used to it, and your hands adapt.
When I started on my reds, I was all clumsy, and every word had like 17 extra letters. Now, I'm very quick with it, and what's interesting is I have noticed that on my laptop and on mac keyboards (for work), I am very very deliberate and forceful, which is probably a result of my hands adjusting to Cherry reds

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I noticed a big change after the first few days of my MX-browns. They loosened up and became much more fluid.

All mechanical devices have a period of some sort. Key switches are no different. The parts will smooth out and springs will become softer.

Additionally, you're going to a different keyboard. That always has an effect in typing ability as well. Give it some.time and you'll be good

There is a physical break-in period for the switches because the switches themselves are actual machines with moving parts. Any other difference noticed will be down to the hands of the user.

Especially if you've spent the first decade and a half of your life using membrane switch keyboards, going to a mechanical keyboard is not as smooth an experience. It is a nice feeling, but using it long-term takes some getting used to.

He did, you are not retarded. It was in reference to MX Clears, the stem tends to be slightly too large by a fraction of a mm but after they put the caps on the stems on the switch need a week or two to squish right and then it is less risk of snapping the stems off when pulling the cap.

As to the original topic and as others have said yeah there is a break in period with cherry switches.

Should people get the chance Gateron switches do not have this break in period and are markedly smoother than cherry.

I recently switched from blues to reds and I couldn't type to save my life. I'm starting to like it a lot more the more I use it, though. Also, no loud clacking from key presses.