Cherry MX Green (and other) Keyboard Suggestions

I recently purchased a mechanical keyboard switch tester so I could figure out which switch type I liked and I've boiled it down to 3 of the 6 types on the tester.  These keys are the MX Blues, Greens and Clears.  Blues and Greens are the ones I lean to, but I also like the feel of Clears.  Reds are way too light and makes me feel sick pushing the key (Like how I feel after hearing nails on chalkboard or just touching chalk in general..) and browns are too light, though I like the tactile feel of them.  MX Blacks are heavy enough for my tastes but without any feedback it reminds me too much of the Reds.  I've been gaming and using an old emachines keyboard (kb-9908) from the early 2000s since I put my computer together and powered up for the first time in 2008.

So with that said, should I just get the greens like I think I'll like but are more expensive, go with blues which I'll like but think are a little soft or try to track down a MX Clear keyboard for under $100?  I'm probably just going to bite the bullet and get the CM Storm QuickFire XT w/ the MX Greens (Since I have $15 off for the CM store where I got the tester..).

If you have a tester, and your preference is the green switch, then get the green switch. Simples.

lol ;D

Yeah, I'm going to, it's more of a "Talk me out of it before I spend money" reaction that I have to every time I am about to potentially spend money.  I think you were the one who showed me (inadvertently) the tester, so thanks again for that.

Better to pay a little more for something that meets your needs. Never half-ass anything.