Chenbro RM42300 and cooler compatibility and mounting


I’m planning to build my first 4U system and I am looking at the Chenbro RM42300 (Chenbro - Products). I would like to use it with Supermicro H12SSL-NT and Arctic Freezer 4U-M (Freezer 4U-M | Multicompatible 4U Single Tower CPU Cooler | ARCTIC).

Does the cooler fit in the case?

Is it possible to lock down the cooler from the top bar with something similar as the PCIe card retainers?

Is it possible to use 2x 80mm fans and 2x 120mm fans at the front (only 1x 120mm front fan is advertised)?

It’s really hard to tell with the spec the supplier is listing so it’s partially a buy at your own risk kinda deal.

IMO: this case would probably be better and it has list CPU cooler compatibility( * up to 153mm tall) so less guess work is involved. CX4170a | Sliger

Edit: Idk if it’s in your budget or not, but another good option would be something from silverstone(RM44 Height w/ expansion card retainer: 137mm, Height w/o expansion card retainer: 148mm)). but they can get even more pricey.

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Yes, the Sliger and Silverstone are nice options. Unfortunately, they are double the price.

I like something like the Silverstone - with an upper bracket and PCIe retainers. However, the bracket in the Silverstone case does not go over the CPU. I was looking for some way to fix the CPU from both sides to lower the chance of movement (damage) during transportation. Any ideas about that?

Well it’s really pay for what you get kinda scenario. Pretty sure the Chenbro will be fine, but I’d personally go with the more substantive options, if this is going to be a long term build/use case(at least 5 years). Especially if you plan on transporting I’d be shocked if the sliger or silverstone don’t hold up better and/or their warranty coverage is better.

Hmmm, with out machining your own custom parts… I don’t have any thing that would be permanent. But you can use these during transport:

I’ve used instapak and similar products when we ship stuff here at work and so far it’s been good.