Checking Out The Fractal Define 7 and Define 7 XL | Level One Techs

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  • NZXT H440 and Define R6 HDD mounting system
  • The fan hub. I must say I quite like the fan hub…


  • The 15 years old visual design
  • Insistence on PSU shroud thus choking airflow for the GPU
  • The atrocious roof design… For real, guys, that roof…
  • Overpriced… duh…
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in reference to the 2.5" U.2 drive “cage” 3d printed bay

if you were to print one that could hold 4-5 drives … is there an off the shelf nvme backplane that could work with that? (maybe use it with a 9400-8i?)

I like the roof design on the xl a lot more. So much headroom for activities.

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My issue is mainly with the way they are making the roof panels. They had it perfect with the Arc series - the mesh is always on top. They could have just used what they had for a decade or so with the moduvents without removing the entire panel if you want silence and what not… Since then they have tried to reinvent the roofs… They are so out of ideas they literally give you a second roof panel…

Oh man. Been dreaming of a huge watercooled build forever, and ever since CaseLabs died the available options have all been compromises in some way. This, though, seems to be The One.

Any idea if it can fit 420mm rads in the front and top simultaneously?

looks like max is 360 on front and 420 on top

look at pics on from here

480 on top ok 420 on front ok just look out for thickness of rad and fans. on front as it could interfere if to thick.

That’s not the xl?

Yeah that’s the lil one.

I poked around on the site some and the product sheet .pdf lists “Up to 480/420 mm” for both front and top. Looking at some of the photos I see shots of a 4x top/3x front setup, which I assume is 480/420 and pretty much fills all available space. Thus 420/420 should fit with room to spare.

Gonna be the most baller raspi 4 case ever.


i need pics as well a video as i am to lazy to pause and take screen shots.

Download the user guide for the 7 XL to verify. Fractal case user guides (aka the manual) have always been great at showing exactly what you can fit where with regards to air cooling and water cooling options in their cases.

For example, page 47 of the 7 XL user guide illustrates a 480x120 + 420x140 + 240x120 setup…

Cool case, but in terms of looks not really that innovating.

I been looking for a new case for a new build i am piecing together and saw this case I think i am going to get a XL if i can find one
I might be old school but i want a 5.25 drive bay and finding a descendant case with a 5.25 is tough

Does not strike me as well thought out. 360 in the top locking out the 5.25" bay…

You know there is no other way, right?
360 on the top with 5,25" bay will make monstrously large case, and the ambitions of this one is to be standard size ATX tower…

With my Phantom case it’s basically possible.
But yeah now days it’s more form over function obviously. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but yours is pretty large case… Also you have a lot of 5,25" bays, while def7 only have 1… Even if you use 1 or 2 you still have one…