Check out my pc build {Advice please!}

Can you guys check out my pc that i am planning to buy and hopefully give me some advice on this build and how to make it better or what i should change. Thanks!

would be a help if you say what you are going to be using the machine for, but for now I will assume that you are mostly going to play games on this.

if so, I would recomend that you get a better graphics card, something like a 660ti or even the 550ti or are the 7950.. its more money I know but with the CPU you have chosen, I think is unwise to spend money on a low -end/middle-end card from last generation.. I dont look much at the AMD cards so I dont know too much about them but the 7950 should be equivalent to the 660ti, but AMDs card is better at OC and has 3gigs of Vram, from what I could read on a quick google search.. 

and you could try and find a PSU with better effeciency, though the one you have picked works fine, so its up to you. 

Please answer the following questions:

  • Where do you live
  • Whats your budget
  • What do you intend to do with this PC
  • How suseptable are you to chloroform
  • If the budget has to include tax, and if so, how much tax do you pay were you are

I agree with Winther, you're gonna want to spend more on the GPU if this is for gaming, I'll toss you over a build depending on how you answer the questions above.

Are you sure this was for gaming? A 560 is great and all, but you could get a 7850 with that price(much faster BTW). If you're really serious about building a gaming rig, drop the i5 and get an AMD FX-4300/6300 instead. Then you could afford a 7870. Drop the SSD, and you'll be able to afford a 7970. They're all faster than the 560. An SSD wont benefit you in gaming. Also, get a better PSU. They're some good PSUs out there( Antec and SeaSonic) that have higher wattage and are still 80+ bronze for a few $10 more.

Also, do what Cloud said and post your budget. 

1. I live in Los Angeles

2. under 1k

3. Mainly gaming. small internet surfing.

4.not very suseptable. lol

5. Under 1k , no tax included. just price of product.

and please, any help would be more than useful

Not going tfor Amd. sticking with intel. preffered.  Overclocking the i5.

going to get better psu. got it!

Agreed, mainly for gaming. minor internet surfing.

psu for sure. and ill think about 660ti

Did some changes here.

There, you made a MUCH MORE better rig. If your budget was like that, why the 560? Oh, and if your just gonna be gaming and surfing the web, at that price point, get a Radeon 7950 instead. They're getting really cheap, and they destroy the 660 Ti in most cases, and only loses in NVidia games, which, obviously, isn't it's turf. Heck, it can keep up with the more expensive 670. Plus it has 1GB more than both the 660 /Ti and 670, for 3GBs of goodness. Check on PCpartpicker, they have a Sapphire Radeon 7950 listed for $279 after a $20 rebate( $299 before) with free shipping from NewEgg. If you don't want the rebate, get the Gigabyte one instead, which is $299 with free shipping from Amazon. It's better because it has 3 fans and I prefer Gigabyte over Sapphire.

But I do think with that 1K max, you can fit a 7970 instead. I'm not sure, I don't have time to check right now.


Thank you. i will look into that 7950 and see.

brb making

There we go! I don't know about the others, but I think that's perfect for the budget. A question, though. Is the 1K you posted earlier your maximum budget? If so, you can still upgrade that card to a 7970. But if you want to save, the 7950 is more than enough for gaming.

1k is the most i am wanting to spend. no more than that. well , without monitor , case or operating system.


Lol, I kinda laugh when I see someone wants "Medium-High Settings" on a $1000 build. You can get Medium-High settings on a $400 Trinity build.

Few things, your still well under your $1000 limit so you have some room to improve, heres what I'd recommend:

  • Memory - Jump up the 1600MHz or 1866MHz memory, not that it will make a huge difference but it will likely cost you about $5
  • PSU - You don't need to spend that much on the PSU, though seasonic makes some of the best PSUs, you could drop it to a 550W and all would be fine, save yourself a bit of cash.
  • Storage - If you have the room in your budget, you may want to consider an SSD, a 128GB sdd as your main drive will significantly boost your load times and will cost less than $100
  • Cooler - That cooler should do fine, but the i5/i7 burn mighty hot when OC'd, so you may want to consider buy a slightly better one
  • KB/M - I see you grabbed any junk keyboard and mouse, which is fine, but you'll likely find yourself wanting to upgrade fairly quickly, when you do, grab yourself a CM quickfire rapid/pro and a solid mouse, will cost about $130. 

Asus is top notch quality, Overclocks nice, USAP USB 3.0 which is real USB 3 not that fake crap, tons of features, more reliable than asrock

the TPC 812 is considerably better than the 212, its almost on par with the H100

7970, one of the best GPUs out there

Case has decent airflow and USB 3 front panel

Thank you, i will check out the cpu/mobo combo and the gpu/ram combo. and consider a change in cooler.


I changed things up a bit. still trying to keep it under 1k

this is the main parts. not including a case, operating system, or monitor, i can easily go pick these up at my local retail store.