Check my build?

On a different forum I had some people help me setup this rig, just want to get some extra opinions on it. 

I would get a Lepa G650 PSU; yes, I know i sound like a broken record, but damn it, it's an awesome PSU, or even an XFX Core Pro 550. Massive overkill on the wattage, but it gives you room for another 760 later.

Do I really need that much? I think the wattage estimate is like 350 lol. I mean sure I may overclock but 600 watts isnt enough?

It's not the wattage I'm concerned with; no, you could run that off of a 300W PSU. It's the quality of the PSU that I am concerned about. That CX, for lack of better words, just isn't good. High ripple, low efficiency, and poor build quality.

Hmm, even though it isn't modular? :D
I guess I'll have to tuck a few more cables away, oh well. It's also a lot cheaper right now. Are you sure about the build quality? There aren't too many reviews for it and it's like $20 cheaper than the one I was looking at, just want to be sure.

You won't have to tuck any cables away; the 24 pin and EPS cables are the only ones attached, and you will asways use those two, in literally any rig, so you're fine.

Lepa is a fantastic PSU manufacturer. Well, they choose great OEMs. The G series are either Enermax or CWT, both of which, especially the Enermax, which sadly, the G650 is not, will destroy the Builder series in terms of contruction. The CX has pretty terrible line regulation, especially on the 12V rail (5 and 3.3 not as bad). The ripple is surprisingly low on the CX series, though, a little over 20mV at full load, really close to or perhaps a little lower than the G650. However, if you're below 60mV, you're fine no matter what. Both the CX and G650 are CWT OEMs, as well, but the quality of the G650 is a much better OEM. You have higher rated caps, higher efficiency, and overall it's a better PSU.

Thank you, I appreciate your help. Some guy told me on the other forum to get a 7950 GPU and well there is a pretty good jump in performance so i gotta spend a little more and this helps since I save some money on PSU :)

i would go with a fractal case like the Midi V2 it 99$ with free shipping

I already bought the case :P
It was on sale for $60 the other day so I bought it.

Does this look a bit better? (I also changed graphics card from 760 to 7950)  

No, I would stick with the 760. The 7950 isn't worth the extra cost in this case.

Also, you chose the wrong PSU ;) The Lepa B650 is a lon different than the G650; you want the G650, to say the least.

I watched a video Linus posted about an overclocked 760 and 7950 and the 7950 was consistently 10 fps higher, I feel like the extra $50-$60 may be worth that so I don't have to spend a lot again in the future to get that jump.