Cheating in benchmarks/games (who would have thunk?)

Expected this from adored:

“Its a fucked up benchmark utiliy (Final Fantasy 15), we don’t recommend it” -Steve

Anyone remeber this shorty after the andriod boom?:

Nothing changed in 4 years:

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What to say?
ATI did it
Nvidia did
Intel did
AMD did
Volkswagen tried

Keep your eyes open people, the world is lying!


Is there a TLDW edition? How did they cheat did it even fucking matter as literally everyone does.

I mean if its 1 game, its clear when there is some weird shit going on. Watch Hardware Unboxed and see like 30 games reviewed and see the actual average across many games. Cant cheat in literally every game.

Why not?

TLDR: It’s like doping in sports. :grinning:

Fixed. :wink:

IBM, the only company I trust not to cheat, and even if they did, with their track record I wouldn’t even care.

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You could but the cost would be way to high to get a good ROI on that.

Gameworks is literally meant to do exactly that and I would argue it has paid off.

Eh how many games run gameworks? Maybe 5% of market and maybe 40% of AAA

A lot more than that.
Because stuff like PhysX is now part of gameworks also.

I’m a gameworks member and can see some small shenanigans going from time to time.

It’s fun… :smiley:

Stuff that’s part of Gameworks right now:

  • Falcor [Real-Time Rendering Framework]
  • Blast [A modular destruction SDK designed for performance and flexibility, replacing APEX destruction]
  • PhysX
  • Ansel
  • HBAOPlus (Slow as shit on AMD cards and looks no better even on Nvidia hardware)
  • All the Nvidia Graphics Samples
  • Dependency packer tool for Unreal Engine 4 (GitDepsPacker)
  • NvCloth
  • Hairworks
  • osim-rl (Reinforcement learning environments with musculoskeletal models)
  • FleX [Flex is a particle-based simulation library ]
  • WaveWorks
  • Flow
  • FaceWorks
  • OpenGL sample code
  • Volumetric Lighting example code
  • D3D sample code

So you can tell there’s plenty of influence by Nvidia exerted on a Game Developer researching and learning tools and techniques.


a large list of reasons not to use gameworks on any title is all i see. and a good reason to support devs who dont use it as well. any game with gameworks is an auto no buy for me. refuse to support it and i refuse to support devs who use it. i like my games with out a magic black box that the devs have no control over.

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GPU Gems are gold though.

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