Cheapest Possible PC?

We're always talking about getting the fastest computers for gaming, rendering, streaming etc.

What about the cheapest possible?

Can someone put a build together that is very cheap but still able to function correctly (all it needs to do is browse the internets)

This is not including the keyboard, mouse, monitor and OS. Just the computer.

ain't much... but it's cheap... :) better than some $500 prebuilds I've seen lol

Here's the rock bottom I could do.

Give this a shot:



If you're okay with really cheaping out, this would work, too:


Just go on craigslist or ebay and find something cheap.  You get probably get something with a dedicated GPU in it and probably run games on low settings for like $200.  

I was actually impressed with Railbot's, but I got it down below $150 with a motherboard that has an embedded cpu


intel atom and 2GB of RAM

why not just use a tablet?


if not then this is about the cheapest pc possible on pcpartpicker (not the case though). watch out for power supply fires btw

RPi, monitor, and KB/M that's all I'm gonna say

Rpi does require you to buy a micro usb for power, as well a micro SD for storage. It's not as cheap as just buying the device. however, it probably would still be cheaper than everything else, I was just under the impression we were looking at actual functional desktop.  I could be wrong but I don't think you can install other os on them.

There's Raspbian, but the RPi still is barely what I'd call functional for anything but light web browsing.