Cheapest LGA2011 rig?'s self-explanatory...

>Cheapest LGA2011 rig



It would have to be a 3820 rig or a xeon. Purpose of this rig?

Wow that a shocker.

Just asking...

For what? Do you need a CPU with more than 8 threads, how much RAM, any benefit from quad-channel for you, are you gaming, editing, hosting a server; we need details.

I doubt a LGA2011 motherboard will work without a CPU so I need that and I will definitely need 8GB of RAM for gaming but 12GB+ may be used for PhotoShop etc.. Happier now?

Fixed my post.

This would be nice for Photoshop:



Thanks, would that also be OK for video editing or would I need more storage and/or an nVidia card?

this would be good and if you need cuda pick up a gtx 760 if you use open cl stick with the 7870xt

i would go for a AMD FX8350 Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 mobo, and a 7970 gpu ☺ or a GTX770. and 2x8 GB G-skill sniper 1866mhz.

It's a good idea but I did say LGA2011...

The Firepro V7900 is going to destroy all Nvidia cards at that price range, even the Quadros.

this build made me laugh, mostly the memory :)