Cheapest AM5 Motherboard I can count on for the CPU support to be reliably and timely updated

All I use my desktop for is for playing unoptimized VR garbage and the idea of upgrading my CPU yearly and selling off my old one is very appealing! However I got burned with Asrock in the past with my AB350 Pro 4 on AM4 with it only getting 5000 series support 2 weeks ago… leaving me on a 3700x. I/O does not matter to me as I’m using my SATA SSDs till they fail as they don’t benefit my games, and all I’m using is a GPU. So with black friday/cyber monday it seems the cheapest boards are 150 for Asrock, 160 for Gigabyte, and 200 for either MSI or ASUS. Should I just go for the cheapest diceroll and hope for the best again or does someone have information that would lead to a happier purchase?

I would go with Asrock if money is most important factor but the Prime B650-PLUS AMD is better IMHO if price is a flexible concern. Asus has a good reputation for keeping its drivers and bios up to date.

I would recommend the ASUS TUF GAMING B650-PLUS WIFI Socket AM5 overall as it has better features and its one of ASUS best sellers and would have the better support as a result. Also is only 40 dollars more ($240). It was one i was really looking at getting but lacked some high end features I really needed.
I have the ASUS 370 TUF and has been solid. But for basic computing and gaming its overkill. Also you said you plan on upgrading the platform in a year or so investing in the best MB you can afford will make the future you much happier.
Just for transparency i went the the MSI MEG X670E ACE because i felt it was the most future proof of the current boards and had the best pci-e layout.

Thanks for the fast response! Money isn’t too tight no, but I just use this computer for playing video games which I like to cheap out on for the simple fact I don’t make much use of the hardware outside the raw compute so the extra features are a waste. I guess I’m kinda an oddball who maxes out the cheapest platform with the fastest single core cpu and high end GPU. I use a laptop for everything else as like to keep my workspace the same when I’m away and just dock it when I’m at home. I did some further digging and yeah you’re right ASUS is faster at updating the bios for cheaper platforms than gigabyte who are both more reliable than Asrock. I don’t think the wifi is worth the extra money simply because the bios can’t be that much different other than including the firmware for the module. I haven’t heard anyone talk about MSI motherboards ever until your post mentioning it, but I have an asus x570-PRIME and I can’t say I dislike anything about it but I got this board for vfio experiments which unfortunately did not pan out. VFIO simply wasn’t practical for me.

Whenever that’s your concern, go with the top seller/most popular.

I went with the Prime B650-PLUS. Asus seems to be alot more prompt than the other brands and that board line is very popular. Thanks to those that bothered the open this thread.

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