Cheap mechanical keyboard

I want to buy a new mechanical keyboard but i think that the one that i want might be to cheap. Since i only have around $70 the options are very limited. What do you think of it and can you recommended. I only want either black or brown switches.


USED IBM MODEL M best keyboard i know. used $70 is right on the mark

Hey there's a great thread about this

Thanks that my new dream keyboard, I hope i can get it today.

Sorry i posted it twice.


Look at the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid, it is available in brown switches.

why get a used Modle M?

Unicomp makes the same keyboards new for about $79

model m is still better, and has a steel membrane unlike the cheap unicomps

and that keyboard on banggood is actually a very good board aswell if you want black

How is this.

but it says nothing of it being mechanical. i wouldnt buy

why do people recommend the Model Ms? I would worry about the spring wearing out.

a used model M costs the same as the Unicom keyboards and there pretty much exactly the same.

springs... wear out??


Swap meets and fleamarkets and places that have 'vintage' stuff are likely to have model Ms. They can still be bought used for $20. 

The unicomp keyboards are new, clean, modern, etc. Not a huge cost savings over a 'gaming' keyboard but you could use a unicomp/model m without issue. 

The model M I'm using is from 1986. It is nowhere near wearing out. Not even close. The occasional cycle through the dishwasher keeps it clean as the day it was new, in 1986.

While the keys may not wear to the point of failure, they can still wear to the point of lost resistance. You'll start to loose that heavy force and feel that makes these keyboards unique.

everyone here has been linking to ebay, were used model M keyboards still  go for $75+.

I personally would get a new keyboard rather than a used one for the same price. (unless one does find the model m for cheap, then go for it)

Now the fact it still looks new is rather an amazement to me...I would of thought the plastic would have stained.

They cost the same as a haming keyboard so I suppose it is preference.

there is an unboxing model m somewhere on the channel -- I have a couple "nib" model Ms in my collection. Also the japanese version of the model m where I went through my unix-sysadmin-neckbeard-can-never-have-enough-meta-altmeta-super-hyper-keys phase.

the nib model Ms click the same way as the daily drivers I've used for years.


Thanks everybody so much!!! I think that this is going to be my new favorite keyboard. This is the one.

there are also refurb kits that allow the swapping of chassis and the swapping of switches. There are also DIY kits available. Once I am done with my current build, I will see how rusty my soldering skills are, maybe post a how-to or build log on it.