Cheap Gaming PC build opinion

i just need to  know if this build can be somewhat future proof and if its a good build overall to play games like BF3 and Farcry 3 since i know they are graphicly intence. Please leave feed back this is my first build

It's not future proof however, it could play both games at 1080p with most settings at medium. If I were you I'd either go for Linux or "obtian" windows using other mean and spend some more money on getting better RAM and a better GPU.

Here's what you can do without windows:

Here's what you can do with:

thank you ^-^

Your build seemed to not be very future proof. Here is the build I suggest:

i swapped in a mobo that can crossfile, has USB 3.0, and has faster RAM support - $80

I went with 2x2GB 1866 speed ram. It is faster in both clock speed and the fact you can run a pair of sticks in dual channel. RAM is pretty much the easiest thing to upgrade down the line so if for some reason 4GB aint cutting it you can add more later into the spare slots.

I swapped in a 630W power supply for more headroom should you decide to crossfire in the future.


And there you have it, for an extra $70 you will have quite a few more options in the future. Hope this helps!

Can he get a Radeon HD 7790?

Radeon 7770/GeForce 650ti and below is just a waste of money. The 7850-7870/660-660ti is the sweet spot for graphics cards for the moment, capable of running even crysis 3 on ultra/enthusiast settings.

Some games come with benchmarks, and if you run those, you see that a lot of internet sites are full of lies. A few days ago, I ran a Far Cry 2 benchmark on a Phenom II X4 955 with Radeon HD 7850 2GB system (Gigabyte 970 DS3 rev. 1.0 motherboard with 2x2 GB of Kingston Blue 1333 RAM), and at stock speeds it gets an average 83.04 fps in full HD+ with everything maxed out and 2x AA, and at a very mild overclock of 3.6 GHz on the CPU (there was only a Hyper 212 Evo cooler on it and that's not a high performance overclocking cooler, with a Scythe Grand Kama Cross or Noctua NH-C14 I would have pushed it to 4 GHz without fear), and maxed out 1050 MHz on the GPU (w/ 1450 MHz GPU memory overclock), that's 89.67 fps, with a minimum of 66.83 fps and a maximum of 126.41 fps. Most internet reviewers show much lower fps benchmarks for the Phenom II X4 than that, but it's just not true, and there is still more fps possible if the windows 7 install is optimised for gaming (clean, lean and mean), which was not the case on the system I ran the benchmark on, it was a regular family PC that had the same windows 7 install for several years and just came in for a graphics card update, a hardware checkup and clean, and an overclock, it had a lot of TSR's running and stuff, had older SATA2 mechanical HDD's, wasn't configured lean and mean at all, yet it could immediately run crysis 3 MP at ultra settings well above 30 fps.

The Phenom II X4 955 is a good processor for gaming (and general computing), and it's now or never because they'll be discontinued end of this month and there is just no comparable value substitute on the market, the nearest substitute is about 50 % more expensive. And don't let anyone tell you that a dual core i3 is the same or better because it isn't, you can benchmark any lie into an internet truth, but if you've played games on an i3 and a Phenom II X4 955 you know that the Phenom II X4 offers a better gaming experience (and a better computing experience in general). It's a real quad core, and that does make a difference, it just feels like an i5, while an i3 feels like a core2duo. Nothing against the i3... in a laptop, but it's just not a modern desktop CPU.

For as long as it still is available, I would definitely recommend a Phenom II X4 955 with a dual fan 2GB 7850 to any gamer or family on a budget. That graphics card is 4k-ready and costs less than 200 EUR, and that CPU is a real fast clocking quad core and costs less than 75 EUR! It will handle just about any content and programs for years to come. So will the processor, it's 45nm architecture, it can take a beating and will last at least 10 years without problem if there is a half decent cooler on it and it's not clocked over 4 GHz.

Well sure.. If you can find one. lol

I'd spend more and get a 7850 while you can. They're halting production of the 7850 1gb version. The 2gb version will still be produced.