Cheap domain hosting - Self Hosted

While its been a while since the last ‘Sefl Hosted’ series of videos have come out…

I was perusing and found a really good offer for cheap web hosting, as low as $1/year. YES! $1/YEAR! This is not an introductory offer, it says "Price Never Goes Up!"

Business-Level Shared Hosting: $6/year

100 GB Storage Allocation
3000 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains Allowed
Shared IP Address
cPanel Control Panel
Softaculous Script Installer
Free Website Migration
24/7 Technical Support
Instant Deployment!
Located in New York Datacenter
Horde/Roundcube/Squirrelmail webmail systems



So… What’s the catch…?

There isn’t one as far as I can tell. I spent the $6.

I took the plunge as well. I’m not worried about storage, and it seems like the bandwidth allowance is per month. So I got the $2.50 option. Haven’t had much time to actually set anything useful up yet, but it seems like it’ll be more than adequate for a website and email.

Looks like there are a few one-click options for getting stuff like a drupal site going.

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dude this is awesome, I was just on the lookout for something like this to make a VPN.

I don’t know if you can do VPN with the shared hosting service.

If you want a VPS (Virtual Private Server) I’ve found the cheapest one here:

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Nice, its so cheap that maybe i will buy it, but i dont really have a use for it, any ideas?


100GB of disk space could hold a few movies - your own personal server.
It’s cheaper than, dropbox, mega, or any other cloud storage.

Setup your own open vpn server, that what you should do.

it’s shared hosting, not a VPS.

Oops I misunderstood the original post, also this service wouldn’t work for Openvpn, even if where to allow vpn service on there network because they offer not enough bandwidth.

LowEndBox isn’t the hosting provider. is a site and forum where hosting providers advertise their offerings.

The original post was for WootHosting, a cheap shared hosting provider (web hosting, email hosting, DNS hosting, etc.)

However, I did link to a LowEndBox post for HostUs.US for inexpensive VPS (virtual private server) hosting for about $65/year that gives you 4 cores, 6GB RAM, 6GB swap, 150GB space, and 5TB/mo traffic.

Most people only need shared hosting, which will get their domain online with web and email service. And that’s dirt cheap at $6/year for 100GB space, 3TB/mo traffic.

However, if you want to run a VPN on you own VPS, that is available from the other provider. They even have an OpenVPN pre-deployable OS.

QuadraNet data centers, no cloudlinux, litespeed or SSD’s, blacklisted IP blocks - I could go on, but you get what you pay for.

please do.

Thanks for the information I have found a VPN hosting service that is a little cheaper than the one you suggested, but when my current contract is up I will keep the services you suggested in mind.

I shouldn’t need to, I think the dodgy WHMCS theme WootHosting use is enough for most people not to signup.

most people

LOL. So no specifics given. You just don’t like their webpage.
Duly noted.

I was hoping you could explain some rational reason. But instead you are just trollin.

I’m not trollin’ at all. One of my companies is an infrastructure wholesaler specialising in IaaS, with a global UTI Tier III/IV global network, so I can speak with some knowledge on the subject lol.

I am quite familiar with Ilan Mishan and his dodgy companies (Quadranet et al) and I would be very hesitant to deploy any provider/reseller using his infrastructure. I’m not here to spout libelous information; you can do your own research - or not.

Again, you get what you pay for - and with a reseller like WootHosting/Quadranet, don’t expect much.

It’s $6 per year. SIX. DOLLARS. PER. YEAR.
Worst case I find another provider. That being said, service has been great so far.
I’ve looked. I can’t find anything cheaper. But there are tons of providers who charge many times that per month who offer less.

Who would you recommend?