Cheap, cheap, cheap pc needed

...that's able to play Skyrim with a ton of mods. Naah. 

Anyway, my old pc finally decided it's time to give up. First i though it was the graphic cards, changed that, it got even worse, it started turning off, sometimes it would get to the windows bootscreen, sometimes not...from what i researched, it could be a ton of things that went wrong. I don't want to bother with it, and at the end of the day don't really have the know how. It's about a 6-7 year old pc, so it's not like i'm surprised.

I need a dirt cheap pc, for internet, documents, HD playback, and some casual gaming, very casual gaming. The only game i play on a regular basis is Football Manager (hope there are some other fans of the game on here), older adventure and strategy games from 2008 and earlier, and thats pretty much it. I was looking at AMDs AM1 products. Namely the Sempron 3850 and Athlon 5150. 

I don't expect much of the system, just for it to be stable, solid. But it would bum me out if it got choppy watching HD videos on youtube or something like that. The old pc that died was a core2duo e6650, with a geforce 8800GT (which i'm glad i won't have to listen to anymore), so how would this AMD A1 system compare to my old one?   

Whats the budget, cheap to you, may not be cheap to the next man?

What parts do you have?

I have a case, hard drive and PSU. So i need memory, CPU, and a motherboard. The combination i was looking at, the 5150, 4gig stick of hyperx ram, and ASUS AM1M-A. It comes out to around 120 eruos. And i wouldn't like to spend more then that really. 

I'd shoot for the 5350 if possible.

Although if you can hold off for a while they have a new athlon part for the same price that is a bit nicer (tho it doesn't have the iGPU). Athlon 840 I believe (or 860, can't remember off the top of my head). Of course thats if you have something that can hold you off till December 29

The FM2+ platform is a decent amount more expensive than the AM1 platform, so I think that's not an option.

I used germany PcPP as a price reference.

Didn't think of that, good point.

Thank you guys. I looked into FM2 and FM2+, but would be more expensive. So what do you think, would an 5150 or 5350 apu hold up to the performance of my old core2duo and 8800gt? 

A GT8800 would still probably be faster in terms of graphical performance compared to the integrated graphics in any AM1 socket.