Cheap Ass Gaming Rig Build

Hey guys, I was wondering what kind of performance could I expect if I used an A10 instead for the Dec Cheap Ass build?

also, could I game at 1080p with it and if not, would changing the resolution to 720p affect my monitor any as it is 1080p native?

Thanks in advance

You should consider a A10 over a A8 because the A10 is alot better for the same price as the A8 at the time of the video.

also remember FM1 works for only the A 8 and FM2 works for the A10 so get a FM2 motherboard if your going for the A10

Another important thing is to get atleast 1866mhz ram with the build as the APU runs off of that


Hope it helped!

there are FM1 A8s and FM2 A8s

neither of which are the same

XDXDXDXD you are in a trolling mood my friend I said if he wants the A8 from the cheap ass build witch is FM1 Then get a FM1 Motherboard but for the A10 He needs a FM2 Motherboard