Chassis help

hi everyone at teksyndicate, glad i finally made my account here and this is my first post!

I want to ask you all to recommend me a chassis that will natively fit the the asus maximus V formula or actually any E-ATX board. TIA! :)

cooler master haf 932 adv or hafx

i also forgot to add that window is optional

will the corsair ax850's  dual 8 pin cable reach the top?

the hafx comers with extensions. don't know about the 932....

the haf x comes with 2 8 pin extension? or just one cuz i need 2 and i cant find any place near where i stay with cable extensions(even online)

newegg has em dude. it comes with 1 i think, I would look around and make sure though, might just be a 4pin. but in any case, your looking at a full tower...

well i live in singapore....... Anyway, is the msi z77 gd65 good for OC? I f it is then i will get it.

oh. I really haven't looked at it. i guess you could route the 8 pins accross the mobo, and they should fit then if the don't behind.

well i could but it would look very stupid, i will just get an ATX board then :(

I have the Maximus V Formula, and an Antec P280: around $90 now, nice big case and runs pretty quiet overall.

well, i cant find any antec products anywhere