Charter cable merger of Timewarner Cable makes it pass Federal goverment

I just found this out I live in Buffalo N.Y. and was looking for the reason TWC is taking their sweet time getting MAXX that lead to a news link about charter buying TWC making it pass the federal government. Is this beyond the peoples power to stop. Charter has used data caps before anything good of them goes out the windows with data caps on a low internet usage day I use 6 gigs of internet I can't afford a data cap.

Plus with having TWC for so long renegotiating my price down yearly has been a easy process I have had them since Adelphia went under due to the owners stealing or what ever.

heres the article.

This was an article of good news. Currently, it seems TWC has shit for service in NY, and Charter, will be required to upgrade all the infrastructure to handle current broadband standards, provide a guaranteed internet price of 14.99 for low-income families, provide a 300 Mbps broadband speed by the year of 2019, and provide local free internet of 20 Mbps to open community centers.

So.... everything they are doing is good. No mention of data caps either.

Not sure what you're freaking out about OP.

If price is that big a concern then just get the 14.99 $ plan, which is at least ~30 Mbps btw.

I already have 35 mbps. Its a company having that much of a choke hold with zero competition and freedom from a merger that worries me and charter rolling out data caps. Data caps will effect me regardless of speed.

The funny thing is that TWC in North Carolina is not capped and has a "top" bandwidth of 250mbps which is a considerable upgrade from my 30mbps before they went to an all digital signal due to the imminent Google Fiber service coming to our area. Charter is in parts of NC & SC, and I've always said this would suck ! The FCC has to be able to see through this somehow or include/enforce the Internet as a utility rules it passed last year.

Everyone bitching about charter "data caps".

hmmm let me do a 2 sec google

Charter's Spectrum Internet™

  • Fastest Internet speeds, virus detection with Security Suite and no data caps.
  • Fastest Internet speeds available starting at 60 Mbps
  • No data caps

No data caps


Thats literally advertised right on the front page. Put your tin foil hats away. :P

Charter in my area is not too bad but the last time i was on charter their maintenance downtimes where getting rather annoying. They did actually invest in infrastructure improvements awhile back. Ya, no data caps. I do not know if they still force the tv/cable package with your internet service or not.

It possible it's regional marketing. Charter or any ISP provide universal packages across their markets...

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