Charity Stream: Ocarina of Time X Super Metroid

What are you streaming and where

I’ll be on Twiggeth’s twitch channel streaming an Ocarina of Time X Super Metroid Multi World Randomizer and eating progressively hotter hot wings for each boss

In case the hyper link is broken that’s

Charity and Goal details

Donations will go to Childs Play which is a charity that gives games to children’s hospitals, clinics and domestic violence shelters

We’re hoping to raise 1000$ and to help us incentivize we have donation goals

For every 75$ collectively donated I will have 1 inch of hair cut off, up to 13 of my 14 inches, the last 25 is to shave my massive beard off

If we somehow obliterate our goal by double I’ll shave bald

What’s a multi world Randomizer???

You might have a few questions, like what is a Randomizer and what is a multi world

A Randomizer basically jumbles up where all the items and power ups are in the game and you have to creatively play the game out of order to progress

A Multi World is a Randomizer is where both plays pool of items are pooled together and jumbled up in each other’s game

For example Link’s Bow might be where my charge beam is, and when I pick it up, it sends it to the OoT player

When is this shaking down???

Date for Streams will be December 3rd and 4th time 3pm-3am Central time zone


Who will get stuck first

  • GigaBuster
  • Twiggeth

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updated thread to reflect charity change

Bookmarked with reminder for the date.

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Awesome. I’ll be sure to tune in!

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Sweet dude, I love your randomizer streams!

I will be watching. Wish I could donate 250 like i did last year to get you to eat the hot wings twice! Though my dog was just diagnosed with a malignant tumor. So gonna have to figure on not going 250 this time around. I will for sure tune in though.