[Charity stream: Childs Play] GigaBuster's Multi-world of madness

Saturday and Sunday my friends and I will be streaming for Childs Play, an organization that gives toys and games to kids in children’s hospitals and abuse shelters

Twiggeth will be playing ocarina of time multi-world randomized with me playing super Metroid
Same as last year but this year we’re racing against our friends, cory playing dark souls 3 multi-world randomized with Nathan playing sonic adventure 2 battle

Not only that but we will be death linked

That probably sounded like a ancient wizard spell so let me explain

A randomizer jumbles up locations of items in a game forcing you to play out of order and unexpected ways
Multi-world is the same concept but some items will be jumbled up in another players game

For example I might find light arrows in super Metroid and twiggeth might find my charge beam in ocarina of time

Death linked means if samus dies in super Metroid, link dies in ocarina of time and vice versa

We are far from professional speed runners so we might need hints, which we need to perform a Fortnite dance to our MC host Trey to judge worthy enough for a hint

Will have more promo material later


We’re also starting the event off with the fort nite big bang event

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Shaving the head again?

Having some technical difficulties, currently sorting out

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Okay today we have everything working and we’ll be live soon

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