Changing to windows home server 2011, can i use it for gaming?

Hi, i ask alot of questions on this forum; i seem to find nice people here. As you can see in the title i'm converting to Windows Home Server 2011, from Ubuntu Server, i was wondering can i use it for gaming? My plan was to sit it next to my 42inch 1080p TV for mild gaming. Maybe if i have friends over that kind of thing. The problem is i want to still use it for my server while having a media PC. Bottom line will it run games? Also i'm running a Athlon 64 X2 & 4GB DDR2 in there, i'll probally get a second-hand 7770 or 650 TI Boost or something. So will the Athlon 64 X2 game along with the WIndows Home Server?

i wouldn't recommend it. A lot of games aren't compatible with the windows server software

Is there anything i could do then?

Why would you want to play some games on that OS? The primary purpose of the OS is obvious.

I don't have the money for a separate HTPC so i was wondering if i could use my regular server for the odd bit of gaming.

Server based operating systems are only good to do what they were designed to do....

However if your server is only doing file sharing or web hosting then you could use a regular desktop OS and add the software/configure it to do both.

If your running anything like a DNS, DHCP or DC then a desktop OS won't be able to perform those tasks. (without additional software)

Plus with an Athlon 64 x2 your not exactly going to be playing anything new either. It just doesn't have enough grunt imo for a satisfactory gaming experience.

nope. I tried it, had a shitton of problems. drivers and such really hate server os's

You honestly don't really need Windows Home server if you configure normal Windows properly it will behave similarly to Windows Server. This is where Microsoft makes its money, Windows Home Server 2011 is EXACTLY the same OS code as Windows 7 with just a slightly modified UI and some preconfigured applications that help you setup a server environment faster.

Server based OS are designed for servers and nothing else, if you desire such options your best options are Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, when I use windows 7 I use ultimate, If you opt for Windows 8 go for the Pro edition, Or you could use a standard PC and save up to build a server.

What is your motivation to go for home server ? You surely know it has been discontinued.

My little server at home is just running w7 that I can cater to my needs.