Changing the CL on my ram from 8 to 7

Hey guys, i just recently upgraded two ram sticks from 2gb 1333mhz cl7  (from four of all the same) to 4gb 1600mhz cl8. Combined i have two 2gb 1333mhz and two 4gb 1600mhz running at cl8. And now I'm starting to get some lag when using multiple applications (which i didn't get before the upgrade). The timing is now 8-7-7-24 from 7-7-7-24. So i was wondering if i lower the cl would the lag stop also would the 1600mhz ram be able to run at a lower cl stably.   

You should not use two different kinds of ram sticks let alone two with different speeds. they aren't compatible with eachother.

they actually work, all it did was down clock the faster one. all i want to do is fix the lag

you can fix the lag by removing one of the pairs if it's RAM based lag. You can tweak and see if it would help, but most people would argue that you remove one of the pairs you'll do just fine with 8 GB of ram for almost all applications that aren't video editing, 3d rendering etc.

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