Changing Motherboard/CPU on same instance of Windows 10?

I hear this is most possible with Windows 10 and more possible on 10 than on any OS ever. Is this true? I hear doing this is “seamless”.

Even if I go from my Skylake i5 to a new X470 Motherboard + Ryzen CPU? Wouldn’t I have to wipe some drivers first? Can I effectively “olympic torch” my instance of Windows 10? :rofl:

I’m still on W7. And was thinking about doing the upgrade (still possible), then getting a new Ryzen CPU + Motherboard. Is this BS or very, very real? Because I figured if I do this; profit?

it is possible, technically, if you don’t do a fresh install, and sometimes if you are unlucky you gotta re-verify the key via phone ( if you do it a lot you will have to re-verify it every time and at some point the license will get revoked (like 50 major system changes that result in having to re-verify IIRC)

I have been taking drives from dual xeon workstation, to gaming i7 to ryzen 1700. No issues on driver side. I forgot if the license was transferred, but I returned the drive to the original system at some point.

yeah drivers should be the least of his worries, he just gotta remember to check for updates so it can optimize for his current platform

When my 8320e MB died I just plugged my HD into my 7850K with a spare R7 250 and booted.
Only had to delete one or 2 programs that came with the first Motherboard DVD

Sooo? Yes? If I upgrade my W7 system to Windows 10, then install a new X570 motherboard with Ryzen 3000 CPU, that would work? Just like that? It just sounds wrong.

It will ask you 100% to verify again the license code through phone number if you’re using an OEM key. If you’re using a regular key it will activate seamlessly without asking you any kind of verification.

Moving installation from one platform to the other it’s very much a bad choice in my opinion. Even if you find the command to execute in order to purge all the system configuration Windows has done upon installation something won’t work properly. I had issues moving W7 from a Q6600 to a 4790K. Windows was only able to see 4C/4T so I just formatted and installed the OS again.

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Windows 10 is a different beast. I’ve moved about 4 Windows 10 hard drives to different systems and each time they booted. Now they had to load new drivers and reboot a couple of times, but they didn’t blue screen or anything.

With Windows 7 you could migrate with sysprep, but I’m not sure that was supported. With Win10, you just plug in the drive, let it load new platform drivers and it boots. Only exception I can think of is maybe if you’re migrating from an IDE/AHCI controller to RAID.


If you were moving Intel to Intel then it’s not so bad but I’ve never seen Intel to AMD go well.

Well that’s just the thing. I was hoping to get a Windows 10 license free this way. Upgrade from 7 to 10. Someone I met on GTA Online actually tested it for me on one of their systems. They said W7 Retail key in fact does turn into W10 retail key once upgraded.

But I don’t know how to take advantage of that now if I would have to format anyway and start fresh for a new AMD system -_-.