Change username?

How can I change my username?

I’d like it to be LinuxLiaison

Ask an admin or mod. Although I am pretty certain that you cannot change it.


You would need to start a new account. I don’t believe you can change userwrecords like that without digging pretty deep in discourse.

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Mods can do it also it seems like its a single 0 needed so everyone can change their name. It may be removed by now I don’t know but this is on their forum.

seems like there is a default period of 3 day after creating account that you can change your nickname. So just making the option to 0 everyone will be able to change their name freely. However this seems to be a bad idea so it will be better mods to do it.

Go to your account settings.(under user, preferences, account) Click the pencil icon next to your username, and type what you want your new username to be.


Only way to get your username changed is via a admin and maybe a mod

@GigaBusterEXE @Eden
@Zoltan @Phantom?

Could you help me change my username? :slight_smile:

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What name do you want, it will break all previous tags


Nevermind, too used yo the lounge and never scrolling up, it shall be done


Since this was resolved I’m going to lock this thread.

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