-USA's Internet Infrastructure

Maybe I'm being naive in thinking this would make a difference, but could be used to urge the government to improve the USA's Internet infrastructure?  I live in a rural area on the east coast of North Carolina, and unfortunately for me, CenturyLink is the only option I have as far as ISPs are concerned.  The maximum speeds they can offer me is a 0.5Mbps download and 0.1Mbps upload.  I KNOW they CAN improve my speeds, but they simply won't do it because they can't collect a profit from installing a terminal in my area.

Are there any petitions that have already been created on this matter?  Should this petition be directed towards the government or the individual ISPs?  Please feel free to share your thoughts.

I disagree with the idea of government implemented infrastructures for phone, internet, etc. why should taxpayers have to bear the burden of this? life has trade offs. if you'd like high speed internet, you'll have to pay for it, or move somewhere else. there are benefits to living ina rural area. there are also disadvantages. sorry.


also, should this not be in policy/tch or politics?

I didn't know where to post it, so I put it here.

I don't mind paying for Internet.  High speed Internet simply isn't available in my area.  And moving isn't an option.  If you or anyone else would like to pay the costs for my family to move, then go for it.  I'll gladly move away from this shit hole.

I think you misread my post.  I wasn't implying that taxpayers should pay to upgrade the infrastructure.  High speed Internet should be available to EVERYONE.  It should be a standard...even in rural areas.

Yes, but for the Government to put this into motion, the money would have to come from somewhere. And that somewhere is from everyone in the US's pockets.

It would be different if the company itself did it, they would pay for it, and only the poeple that used the service would have to pay more. Not the entirety of the US. 

I know that I don't want to pay more in taxes for the nevada dessert to get internet. 

"could be used to urge the government to improve the USA's Internet infrastructure?"

sounds like you want the government to do it. where does the government get it's money? Taxpayers. 


also, you're missing my point. you said you'd like someone to pay for you to move away from where you live. this is not how it works. If you would like to move, because of poor internet, for instance, you'll have to make that decision yourself. When I say "pay for high speed internet" I don't refer to a monthly bill you'd normally pay for internet. I'm referring to paying the isp to route cable to your house. (obviously unreasonable)


when you say "High speed Internet should be available to EVERYONE." I'm confused on your method of implementation. Are you simply ranting about required business decisons? or are you proposing an idea to get HS internet standard to everyone? If the first, then you're operating in a world of irrationality. people don’t simply "make things standard" because reasons.


"sounds like you want the government to do it. where does the government get it's money? Taxpayers."

"Should this petition be directed towards the government or the individual ISPs?"

No, I don't necessarily know who should do this.  I'm just trying to juggle around ideas and figure out why the Internet in the USA is so slow.

And nevermind, I think I have found my answer.

Internet shouldn't be federally mandated but it sure as hell could be state mandated and state regulated just like every other piece of state maintained infrastructure in the continental US. Write to your state representative for the area you live in, if you cant get an answer there, go to the governer's office with the inquiry.

Thank you for your constructive feedback.

Not a problem. The main reason why internet is so slow here in the US is the big ISP corporations think in a very backwards frame of mind of how to build fiber optic infrastructure. They think in the old ways of laying copper cable in deep trenches in the ground then burying them. Fiber optic cabling has no metallic structure, does not need EMI shielding, and  it is not susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, it can be laid shallow in the ground or even above ground. This means you dont need to hire out an entire construction/logging crew just to plow a path and build a road through the forest just to lay Fiber cable. It can effectively done with a team of pack mules if they wanted to. Just like this guy in Vermont: