CentOS 7.6 + remi + php73

I am trying to get php 73 setup on a server that has been using php 54. We are tasked with getting this project upgraded to 73, I was hoping to setup a staging so we can test on live hardware and since this project has different outside things connecting to it I need it near where the current server is. I am trying to obviously do this without rocking the boat. We did try to contact the server company since this seemed to be such an odd thing they would have run into this and got back a message saying since it doesnt have a control panel they cant do anything so dead in the water there.

Right now I am using the remi package to install this and the older versions of php (54 and 56) would create its /opt/remi/php5{4,6}/root/etc/ directory however newer versions like 72 and 73 do not. All of the tutorials seem to reference either an etc folder or some other config folder within the /opt/remi/php7{2,3}/root folder. I have also tested this locally and the same thing happens on my vm as well so it is something do directly with centos. I am not sure what I would be doing wrong or how to figure out where the location of the configs would have gone. I would like to keep the default version as php 54 until we get everything tested.

Looks like the ini should be installed: https://git.remirepo.net/cgit/rpms/php/php73.git/tree/php73.spec#n1719

Have you tried sudo updatedb; locate php.ini?

Well that helps a lot ! Thanks! I was using find and I am not sure why I could not find the file. I was able to find the www.conf file (needed to update php fpm) but this helped in the end. I will have to go back and look at the other tutorials since they may have been using a different version of centos. Thanks for the help!


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