Cd Drive not recognised

I know cd drives are a bit out dated but i still use mine, well at least i try. Basically i went to import a song to itunes but autorun wouldnt show up when i inserted the disk. I then looked into my computer file to see if i could manually run the autorun but the disk drive was not listed so after ensuring all cables were secure and a reboot i look into the device manager and still i see no drive listed. The drive has power and started to spin when the disk was inserted so maybe theres a problem with the sata cable. Any help please ? Also merry christmas to all

try different ports and cables

If you're running windows 10 (and it was a clean install, not an upgrade) then you're out of luck because the OS does not support ODD.

If the above need not apply, then check the SATA connection.

EDIT: Kat had a really good thread outlining the nooks, crannies, and pitfalls of win10. Its worth the read.

[FIX] Optical Drives (CD/DVD) Icon Not Showing in My Computer Window

show hidden devices, nothing?

it was an upgrade to win10 but either way thats pretty shitty

Thanks so much i got it through the 3/4th method. The 4th actually cuz cba to do it cmd makes it so much easier ;)

I googled it and someone recommended that article. it's amazing windows 10 has problems with cd drives at all.