First dogecoin.. and now this???

Yup! You heard right!


Launching tonight 24/12 00:00 CET (central european time)


Edit: Time in the great states of US and Ay would be Monday 23 Dec at 18:00 New York time).

Or convert to your time zone here:

Does anyone know where to get the CatCoin wallet?

EDIT: How do you setup CGMiner for this.............

EDIT2: What do you even use to mine this?

Same as litecoin, im assuming. Just what we need. MORE currency.

I'm going to mine these tonight, YOLO.

Can anyone tell me what I need/need to do to mine this xD

I don't think the client is out yet.

Anybody find the wallet client?

And the release is delayed by 15 minutes so far, hmmm...

Nope, the client won't be released until the coin launches.

What are you going to use as a program to mine this?


Hm. Well this failed =/ as for now atleast..

Update from the dev: 

The coin will launch in exactly 15 minutes, I screwed it with the timezone thing, my bad!

- The pool is ready to mine, it will be enabled at the first second.
- The Windows QT client will be posted in the thread and in the OP.
- The source code will be updated in Github. I accidentally commited the genesis block, so to avoid early miners I made a checkpoint at block 5, so everyone will be able to mine fairly.
- Later tonight and tomorrow I will release the Mac version and compiled Linux version.

Look my shiny new Catcoin address! 9jLLJE9V4Cws25hbEa53pvYS9UJTiv5kcd

It goes live at 2:00 am CET, ;D