Catalyst 9.5 on May 13th

as long as i get to play my games im fine....


i take that back, the reason why u ask?

last night my friend convinced me to buy battleforge

He has a nvidia 9800gtx+ that i bought him and i have a 3870x2oc

we're both playin the game then all of a sudden ATI RADEON FAMILY DRIVER STOPPED working

wtf is ati radeon family??!??!?

so i uninstalled all my drivers cuz they're probably coruupt from vista to 7 upgrade

so then i download and install the windows 7 drivers

STILL THE SAME PROBLEMÂ those 9.5 drivers better stop this f-n error cuz i can't play the game for 10 mins without

it f-n giving me an error i just might convert to nvidia cuz of this =O

ATI and their drivers, big frakkin' problem that is!! one reason why i stick with Nvidia!(no fanboy!!)
u try going back to their older drivers?!?

stfu nub

ur complaining about beta drivers
thats fucking retarded


Q_Q faggot

Defragen grow up. They may be beta drivers but it's no excuse for them to be shitty.

And no I don't hate ATi, I just bought an ATi card today.

which one..which ONE!!??

the good one

they dont need an excuse they're beta
fucking rofl


sup! well i've an nvidia fanboy for um let's see... since i ever got my first videocard the 5200fx, then got the 5500fx,8600gt,9600gt and 9800gx2 and i gotta say i always thought nvidia was best you know but i gotta say i was wrong 5200fx to the 9600gt was alright for the price but i'm really pissed of at the 9800gx2 i mean that card was supposed to be the monster card of all times and when you ran games on ur pc there would be a nuclear explosion of awesomeness... but never had that blast it sucked and i paid more than 600 $ for that piece of shit wich pisses me of even more...the card didn't ran games fast it ran super hot temperatures making the card lag... i mean it was shit... and i had a q6600, a 790iultra and ddr3 1600 ram i mean it was supposed to be fast until it died and took the whole setupo with it... and well i got a new setup a core i7, corsair dominator etc... but thist time with an ati card the 4850x2 and i gotta say wow i'm really impressed at ati i always thought it... the only con is the driver do work like shit but the performances is good but could be better you know what i mean?

pls try again!

they are supposed to be here today! We are all waiting

too long; didn't read

where the fuck are my drivers 5/15/2009 11:31pm !!!

AMD hasn't updated the site with the newest drivers. Just google CATALYST 9.5 YOUR OS HERE. Ther first link should be a techpowerup link to the download.