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Cast metal gaming dice


Pretty gnarly looking.



That is actually really cool! Man having custom metal dice for games like Zombiecide and Pandemic in my opinion make the aesthetic and the over all game play better.

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Yeah. I think soon we'll see more designer cast or printed metal die. Maybe get some custom made. Say if I had a Chaos Dwarf army, maybe get some special sets made.



I'm not to sure what game that faction is from. If there was the custom metal dice when I played the Dawn of War board game that would be pretty cool as well. What other games would you think custom dice would be great with??



I remember once I bought a completely metal dice set for some DnD and holy shit rip in pieces my table 2006-2013

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Well I'd love to select a logo of my own for my D-20 or token dice for my MTG. I do worry about if it's too "busy" it might throw the balance off you know.



lmao that sucks man lol almost need to lay out a yoga mat on the table eh

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This is 'The Kraken' D-20. It is 3D printed from sintered metal. Only $179.99 for a gold one.

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wtiaf It almost looks like a rift from DA:inquisition lol