Cases that support 2 power supplies

I'm planning out a system for everything using only AMD parts. The plan is to beat the Large Pixel Collider in every way, shape, and form. NO FANBOYS. I just want a case.

What are you planning? 2 R9 295x2s and a 9590?

Silver isn't too bad, I think linus has a video on this.


About 1100 watts ish under load then lots left to power all the other shit.

Corsair Obsidian 900D

Im planing a system with 4 r9 295X2s and a 9590.

Maybe an opteron, if I can find a Mobo with 4 pci-e slots for all the graphics cards.

May i ask what for?

This is perfect, Thanks! :)


A system that contains 4 r9 295X2 and a high end 9590 if i can find a mobo that supports all the gpus. once i assemble the parts ill do some modding with drivers to make all 8 gpus work together, without all of them being in zerocore mode.

Main Goal: Beat the Large Pixel Collider.

I envy your budget man. It's obscene haha

It's just a plan right now. I don't even know if it will work yet cause only certain power supplies can handle just one r9 295X2.