Cases supporting H100i

I'm looking for a case which has lots of headroom for a corsair h100i. It must be under $160


Cooler Master Storm Trooper/Stryker.

But you'll only be able to use 3 fans in push pull instead of 4 because of the handle.

Using H100i in my Storm Trooper.

H100i Storm Trooper

Fans on the H100i suck, they make a nasty buzzing noise for some.  And are only quiet at 600rpm.  I ended up plugging the fans onto my Mobo Cpu Fan headders.  I use Asus FanX2 quiet profile for general use and Fixed Rpm at 2200 for gaming.

I believe it's the way these fans handle the PWM signal.  Very noisey when connected to the pump headder,  a little bit more tolorable when connected to the Mobo headders.

I plugged my Xigmatek Fan into the pump headder and no buzzing or any weird noises.  It operated normally.

So do that or get some different fans.

As far as cases go, there are plenty that support H100i at that price range.