Case selection

Hey everyone, I'm planning on moving my build from a CM Storm Scout to something bigger so that when I decide to upgrade from chipset 775 I'll be able to upgrade from that upgrade and so forth ... I need a quality case that will last many years, I've picked some manufacturers and some cases.

Lian Li:   [These cases are old by now, I like the designs]

PC A70F - 180€

PC P50WB - 220€


Silverstone: [also old cases, both being mid towers with different designs]

FT-01B - 180€

FT-02B - 240€



BitFenix Shinobi XL - 160€

Corsair 600T - 170€

Cooler Master Cosmos S - 130€ until they are sold out


Other notes:

I have a Corsair AX750w modular PSU. I'm from Slovenia so availability on other cases that may be suggested is very low, I don't like doors on my cases, air cooling is the focus here(efficient but not overdone-except for the FT02).

I personally like the PC A70F and the Bitfenix Shinobi XL.

Have you ever considered the Cooler Master Cosmos II?

The Cosmos II is really expensive here, 340€'s. The Cosmos line seems to be more for water cooling modifications, at least to me. If I was to buy water cooling and any of these cases I'd be in the range of buying a new platform(CPU, motherboard, RAM) altogether. Some of the reasons I want to move from the Scout include the small amount of room to work with, the cable management isn't that good, the 8-pin power is coming straight from the psu into the socket because I can't get it behind the motherboard. If I was to buy a new platfrom I wouldn't be very happy building in this case, unless it was m-ATX based.