Case/radiator fan recommendations?

Ok so may computer is loud as heck, it is kind of annoying so i thought i should look for any good silent fans for my computer and my H100i. After asking around i found the noctua NF-F12 witch every body seem to love, but i can't find my self to buy a poop-brown fan. So do you guys have any recommendations for some other fans that could fit my rig?

Can't go wrong with Scythe.

ehm i live in Norway and there isn't any retailers for Scythe here D:

That's weird, there are some here in Estonia. Try looking harder?

i have been looking for good fans for a while, and the one retailer i found witch had the gentle typhoon looked really unprofessional

Like the Arctic F12 PWM 120mm, 49 Nok on Cdon