Case Noise Problem?

Ok so ever since I've had my new computer and here are the specs



I have had this noise issue. From the moment I turn on the case it is just too dam loud. Now I've ignored it for quite some time but not that I'm using my computer more often I want to do something about it. So I'm pretty sure I already know why but still I'll ask. Now I have a zalman z11 plus case. The most regretted component of the entire computer. This is quite the budget case... Anyway so here is an internal look at the fan config

You can't actually see it in these pictures but there are 2x exhaust fans, one in each side panel as part of Zalman's unique HDD cooling solution demonstrated in the following picture.



So altogether there is a total of 5 fans installed on this case. Now as I said this is quite a budget case and for some reason 3 of those fans use a molex connection meaning they run at full rpm. Now those two side case fans are 80mm and everyone knows the smaller than fan when you run it at full rpm it's gonna make allot of noise. My question is are those two fans actually necessary. It's part of their unique HDD cooling solution but all I have in there is a segate barracuda 1tb (I also have an 840 evo but that is mounted behind the motherboard so I doubt those two fans are going to be effecting it at all). Anyway so as I said I only have one HDD in there there for there probably isn't allot of heat being given off. I have a feeling that unplugging 2x full rpm 80mm fans would make the system allot quieter. Now I really want my HDD to have a long life and It should because it does have basically front row seats to my 140mm intake so It shouldn't be getting to hot now should it. To sum up should I unplug them. If I do I obviously will be doing some testing with it's temps using openhardware as I'm typing this it says that it's at 25C which seems reasonable.


Did a run of vallye so my gpu could start spitting some hit air into the case.... the temp of the hdd rose I think my one degree

That's my old case!!!!!! Before I bought the Cooler Master Storm Stryker. Cost me $120 in 2012.

Anyway, no, you don't need the 2 80mm fans. A front 120mm fan should suffice. I had 2 hard drives and the 2TB one was getting pretty hot so I added the 120mm fan in the front. It's better off that way since it brings in cooler air from the front of the case instead of simply exhausting the hot air like the 80mm fans do.

It can get pretty cramped in there and the cable management isn't the best, but that case served its purpose and it looks cool to boot. You really need good air flow in it.

I suggest having a front 120mm, 2 at the top of the case, and then the one at the back, a total of 4 120mm fans. DO NOT skimp out on the fans, cheaper fans will be loud or have some kind of noise. Try the rear fan and the front fan blowing cool air in, while the 2 top fans exhaust air out. Since you have a Hyper 212 Evo...the same cooler I had with that case as well, you may want to change the direction of the fan blowing air towards the front of the case so it won't conflict with the rear fan.

For airflow, I recommend these