Case modding

I am going to build my first computer in early March. I don't have a lot of money for a case and my parents have an old in win case that i want to add some more fans because it only has to super loud 80mm fans, would that be enough. In the front i can have a 140mm fan and one in the side panel. I'm also going to paint it a metallic blue and chrome. How hard is it to put fan holes.

If you have a drill, the proper drill bits, and a moderately steady hand drilling holes for a fan isn't too hard.

Also, I hope you don't mind finger prints because cleaning chrome properly is a pain in the ass. If it's real chrome that is and not the fake sprayed on stuff.

Okay thanks, It's just going to be some spray paint like . I hope it just looks like chrome.

Save your money on the mod and buy a cheap case you can get some decent ones for under $50 which will be close to what it will cost you in time and paint to paint your old one plus you wont have no 80mm fans or busting your olds drill bits = every1 wins.

paints and prep will be roughly $30 and that 140mm fans another $20 grab a $50 case that comes with a fan and youll be happy as.

I don't want to get a new case because none of them are in the colors that i want, and the fans and paint won't be around $50.