Case modding - Paint jobs

A lot of people were questioning paint jobs, and to be honest it's not that hard..

Give it a shot with a junker then go for it on the real deal guys.

Ask away if you've got any questions.

nice job man im a noob in paints so is that can wat u used for the whole interior (blue) and how many coates did u do , is it shiny when dry

thank you cause im lookin forward in doing my case

I used color place/palace I forgot which it was exactly.

It's sold at walmart for a buck a can, and for this one I was being a lazy bastard and did only 1 coat, but I may come around to doing more if the need arises.

you should buy car spray paint its for metal and work better for 5 buck more.

ill use that when it's my case we're talking about :D