Case idea

Hi guys,this is my first time here,i'm watching teksyndicate videos for quite some time and now i need some help with these.I want to change my pc case that is old(has more than 4years i think) with something more refreshing .My budget is limit,only 70$ but if out there is one like very good for the buck i am willing to pay a bit more.I'm looking for a case that has a window(i have vapor-x graphic card),pretty silent and simple.

Or if you have a micro ATX motherboard,

All three cases have good build quality, are sleek, and have a side panel window. You can't really go wrong with any of them.

Wooww,thanks a lot!!!

Depending what all you have to fit inside the case this one is dirt cheap and fairly solid built and has some room to spare and a window.

I've just watch a review on Mini R2 ,is what i was looking for.Thanks guys!