Case help & Extreme Home server help needed

I have been asked to put together a Home server with all external hot swap bays " individually lockable” that is. But he’s giving me a headache as he is asking for loads of bays. I think i have got him down to 8 external removable "He wanted 10 Yep he thinks more is better" plus I think he wants to dedicate 1 drive per family member , I have talked him into mounting all drives in 5.25 hot swap racks so he can store them in his safe “his business 1” that is. But the cases I used to purchase have stopped being made “I used to purchase duplicator cases so I need a tower or cube case with either 4x5.25 side by side or a tower with 8x5.25 on top of each other which will hold 8x5.25, I will mount Windows home server on a internal SSD. He is paying for the OS and is willing to pay for parts upfront but i do not want to take the job on if it gets too difficult I.E parts wise being in the UK our PC shops do not actually Stock so many good hi end parts. Or would a few of you super tek heads “boy’s and Girl’s that is” work out what I would need from case MB ram PSU “to run 9 drives & the rest”, It’s not a gaming machine he wants just a fast wireless home server which will automatically back up the 7 laptops in his house with 1 spare drive if you could let me know what you would get to build it then I can try to source the parts in the UK I Hope


Cheers all


Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes there maybe they kicked me out of school

ummm... I think you want an enclosure, similar to what linus has. or take the CM storm trooper, and remove all the hard drive bays, and put the OS in a 2.5", in the 2.5" rack. also has 2.5" hotswap on top of case

Cheers Commissar just getting a full price of everything Including the O/S he wants Win 7. I told him Win Home server never mind i will buy whats right PMSL ,