Case fans, plugged into Motherboard or PSU?

I recently purchased the NZXT M59 mid tower and it came with two 120mm fans on it, they can either be plugged into the motherboard or molex connectors on the PSU. Will they get more power and blow harder if I plug them into the molex connectors? The tiny pins on the motherboard seem kinda "puney" in comparison to the molex connectors from the PSU. I know I will have no controll over the speed of the fans, though.

Tell us. What do you want? More CFM, regardless of noise? Or, less noise with the cost of CFM?

If you can, try to forge out the money on a fan speed controller. It's very handy to have if you want to change the speed of the fans constantly to adjust your environment, which will change all the time.

Right now, I don't mind the noise as I'm stuck with the stock CPU cooler that already, literally, sounds like a vaccume cleaner.