Case closed


When I boot my computer up, it starts up with no problems and what so ever but the problem is when theres a power outage in my area(happens quite often 'cause the company is replacing cables)my computer dies(no shit) and when i can select to boot up in safe mode and normal mode, if I touch ANYTHING it freezes completely and I will need to restart but if I just let the countdown run to zero it boots up problem free.


asrock Z68 pro3

i5 2500K (not overcloked)

8 Gigs DDR 3

Club 3D GeForce GTX 570


wenn the power gets off, its normal you get a choise menu to boot normale safe mode and so ever.

if i get you right, you say that if that screen appears you can´t do anything, just waiting tille the 30second time is runn off, then it boots normal?

so  if i read this right, you computer does not freeze at all, only youre  io controlls dont seem to work under dos. (wenn you have a (usb) wireless keyboard) that can make the issue 2

if you have a usb keyboard? maybe try a legacy ps2 keyboard to plug in, maybe its something with ya usb ports. wenn you booted up windows maybe try to reinstall windows, and go to look for some bios updates.  maybe its an well known issue about youre bios version, so try to update it once :) or reinstall windows :)

Yes when I use my(Wired USB) keyboard it freezes

i think cause of the power failuires in ya home i think youre bios, resettet, too long no power or so.

go into bios, maybe somewhere there is a setting that disableds youre usb ports. or maybe better bootup the pc, and go to look for some bios update on the asrock homepage.

there must be something wrong with youre bios, usb ports. cause it boots normal, only youre usb  keyboard dont work befor windows boot.

you can also try to reset youre bios ,

1 turn of pc  plug  out power.

2 wait till leds on the mainboard, if there are any, are out.

3,  takeout bios battery. its on the mainboard somewhere near youre bios chip.

4 wait about 2 minutes.

5 put back the battery

6 turn power on

 then youre bios is resetted to factory defaults.[b] (dont forget afet you turn on the power, go directly to the bios, to setup time and date!!!! very inportant, otherwise you can get some bsods or problems starting up windows!!!)[/b]



I found out that my motherboard don't like USB when it is in BIOS/UEFI so case closed and thanks

how did you find out? you tried a legacy ps2 keyboard?

Nope, I have an usb lamp and when that don't turn on, then my keyboard won't work either.

did you check in the bios the Legacy usb support?

i think that setting need to be on automatic, to aktivate usb at startup

Maybe that setting is on Disabled in youre bios, then you can only use youre usb keyboard and mouse in the uefi bios it self.

you need to set this on auto....

maybe you can try it ;)

If there are regular power outages, consider getting a UPS(uninterruptible power supply)

Get a battery backup so you safely shut down you pc. I think they are like $50. Hell you can watch tv on it for like 50min (LED).