Case button takes a few tries to turn on the PC

Hello. I bought a new computer recently. I have the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv and I’ve been having trouble turning it on since the beginning. It also used to turn on and off repeatedly sometimes, when I tried to turn it on. It’s a long story, but I had other problems with it and I came to the conclusion that the plug I plugged the PC in was faulty. Now I have it plugged somewhere else and it hasn’t done the turning on and off loop yet, so hopefully that doesn’t happen again. But so far the button stays the same. Since the beginning I spent almost a full minute pressing the button trying to turn it on. Now it takes less tries, like three or four, but the problem still exists. I’m worried one of the component might’ve been somewhat damaged, but I don’t really know. I’m quite new to this. Could it be the power button being faulty or is it something else?

open case, unplug power button header, bridge the contacts with a screwdriver and see if it turns on

if it comes on immediately it’s a broken switch, if not it’s probably a PSU issue

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however if it does… then the cases switch is defunct… rma the case and it should fix the issue

If it is the switch I personally wouldn’t even consider RMA’ing the whole case over it. Many times the reset switch and power switch are of the same type. You can likely just swap them around and see if that fixes the issue. It’s certainly faster and easier than dismantling your computer and waiting for a new case.

Knowing Phanteks you can just ask customer support for a replacement of the switch and they won’t even bother asking any questions. They did that for my side window.

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come to the lounge ive chosen a phanteks case hehe… also the other of the three resident mobo gurus myself, mistery and fouquin have answered you…

Well, nevermind. The problem I thought was solved is not. So I’m pretty sure it’s the PSU. F*ck.

Did they replaced your side window panel? cuz i have some scratches on mine and i was looking to buy a replacement but i cannot find any one selling a Panel beside the TG one(Not compatible with the Evolv OG).

Also back to OP Issue, yeah test the switch if it doesnt work contact phanteks, i dont think RMA the case will do, they will likely send you a new Power button, i had the same issue with an old Phantom from NZXT and they sent all the USB 3.0 and Power button for free

They sent me a replacement window for my side panel for free. Granted I said something within a month of purchasing the case.

just do the switch bypass test before panicking.


It seems like it’s the power button. Some guy came over and told me you have to press until you hear two clicks, becuase if you press once it resets. Is that true or did he totally bs me?

Have you tried swapping the power switch for the reset switch to see if it fixes the issue?

do the contact bridge test.

your friend sounds like he’s had too much glue and airduster

I have never really done anything like that, but I’ll see if I can. My parents are sick of me and my pc, and I’m also a beginner, so I don’t know how thrilled they’ll be if they see me opening up the case.

You have to be careful of overestimating how steady of a hand someone on the internet has. I have explained the same thing to several people on the phone and they were completely incapable of doing this, mostly because of being nervous, which makes hand coordination worse.

If you don’t trust yourself, or your parents don’t trust you, then it might be better to find someone else they trust to do it. There is very little chance of damaging anything, but without imbuing you with a great deal of computer knowledge then there is no way for you to magically know in an instant what is good or bad.

very true.

On my brother’s last build, there was a strand of wire that was not properly inserted into the power button connector, this strand of wire was touching the second terminal on the power connector, causing a boot loop every five seconds, like the power button was being held in, because it basically was.

I know this is not your situation, but I bring it up as an example of how a very simple issue can cause problems.

If you can short the power pins with something metal and the PC powers on reliably with tjis method, you most likely have a bad power switch, as stated by others.

Using the reset button as the power button is an even simpler solution; there is no need to worry about shorting the wrong pins, provided you plug it into the correct pins on the mobo.

I do know a little bit. I started to get into gaming computers like a year or two ago, so I know a bit, but I still have a long way to go. I think I can do the button thing. It seemed complicated but I looked it up online and it seems fairly easy, so I’ll give it a try eventually. Either way, I’ll have to wait until my parents are out of the house to do it lol.

I had this problem for a week or two and realized that I had a fan dying that was causing a short…

Might check that.

All of the fans are new along with the computer, so that would be weird. But I’ll keep an eye out for that.