Care instructions for the Level1 facemask?

I just got my Level 1 facemasks! woo! But there weren’t any care instructions included and they smell like a factory.

I want to wash them, but I don’t want to shrink or damage them in any way, what is the recommended way to wash the Level1 facemask?

I do not have one, but typical recommendations for avoiding shrinking is to wash it in cold water. If you do that and maybe tumble dry (no heat) you should be in the clear. I hope that helps!


Machine wash cold and air dry for cotton face masks. As wolftech said above, you might be able to get away with the low/delicate setting on your dryer, however, personally, I just stick with air drying my masks.


Ya it is only a mask soooooo. You could just hand scrub in the sink then hang dry.

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This is all good advice. There is a wire in it for the nose piece so gentle wash so it doesn’t get excessively bent is recommended. Cold. But otherwise I wash mine with my socks and it’s been fine


You could just wash it in the sink before bed every night: Light soap, cold water and hang to dry.

I did machine wash cold, seems to be fine. I have the cotton ear loop and the polyester mask. I don’t feel any wire in the nosepiece though so your mileage may vary. Also, I have a side load high-efficiency washer, so no agitator, I think that might be helpful too.


What I tend to do is get a tupperware box. Put some dishwasher soap in and then pop the mask in and give it a good shake around making suds and such. I have about 6 masks I rotate, two are white. This works wonders and been doing it all year. Got to get the BBQ stress eating sauce out somehow right :slight_smile:

If I use washing detergent it irritates my nose.

Hang and leave air dry for a fresh mask !

F r e s c h. And saves me robbing the hospital I work at blind for all the disposable masks.

Ban straws and replace the straws with disposable masks :mask:

Mmm sock flavor :yum:


Lets talk bleach. Do you guys put bleach on your mask? Hydrogen peroxide should provide ample cleaning and wont ruin the color much but sodium hypochloride should be stronger but it will definitely ruin the color.

Seems a bit excessive chap