Card recommendations please

Ok currently running 2 GTX 660 OC's in SLi and to be honest run very well. I'm just trying to find out information really and get peoples thoughts on what cards could replace my current setup. I would have around £150/£160 and would be buying second hand not new, my last few cards have all been second hand without issues.

The rest of my setup is,

Z77 Extreme4 mobo
i5 3570K
12gb of ram

Anyway thoughts on a single card that would show a decent increase over my gtx 660 SLi's. Just remember my price tag here, thanks.

I can't find anything on eBay for that price which would outperform SLI 660s.

There's this but I reckon it'll probably go to £200, and it won't perform as well as your current setup at 1080p unless the games have SLI issues.

Honestly in that price point you will be hard pressed to find a card that will beat out those cards in a well optimized game. The best card you can find is possible a 960 or 280 on sale, unless you want to go used of course like the post above states. So unless you want to sacrifice a little performance to gain less heat and less power draw, then what you have is about the best option that you have.

Ok well I have found gtx 960's for around the £160 mark but most forum posts I've found have said stick with the sli. What is next after the 960? Also Radeon is nice but I'm sticking with Nvidia, just call me old fashioned sticking with what I have always used.

Sell your 660's (im sure you'd be still be able to get a decent amount for them) and get a r9 290 (if its been a miner be sure it comes with receipt for RMA purposes and ask what clocks/voltages it was mining with). Other than that if you could find a dirt cheap gtx780 that would be worth a look as well.

back again. Have been looking at cards a bit more and am considering the R9 280X, any thoughts or people who use this card with what they think of it?

Seeing that you are looking for an 'upgrade' regardless of our answer, the R9 280X is a good choice. But I would still say stick to the SLI configuration you have. You won't notice much upgrading. As synthetic benchmarks go, you will notice a decrease in FPS as the 280X is comparable to the HD 7970.

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