Car Stereo Help

So a few days ago i got my first car and I love it but when I bought it i knew there was one hiccup and now its starting to bother me. The display on the radio doesn't work. I just want to know if there is any way i can at least see what station I am listening to at a time. I could aimlessly wander the radio waves and hope i'm listening to the right channel but i would rather have a way around. I don't currently have the money to replace it but i will eventually.

If your radio has a seek function I would listen to each station long enough to hear the station name (in the US they announce the name of the station every few minutes). You could also just compare the current radio station to a portable radio or radio in a friends car. Once you identify a radio station you want to bookmark, just store it as a preset and you will be able to access it in the future quickly and easily. 

you could also try to shine a bright light on the display and see if it shows

I would say, just buy a new headunit. from a decent brand.

  1. Alpine
  2. Pioneer
  3. Kenwood

I can vouch for kenwood from personal experience. If you buy a new headunit you will probably also need a dash kit and a wiring harness. is good about telling you what is and isn't compatible with your car and will tell you all the hardware you need. 

  1. Alpine


Because of what you said about I have literally just bought and Alpine head unit with a free install kit. That's good consumer advice breeh.

Glad I could help.

that will work