Capture image from camera to pc?

I want to ask for some info. Im electronics person not pc and even less camera. so I'm asking for some help.
here i set up i need to build and it is abit out of my field.
so, I need to make PC, probably AMD based (budget restrictions). not problem I know hot to build pc.
but here come questions,
I need to take picture of targeted approximately 15-20 meters away, and have picture saved on pc directly.
do i need some capture card?
what camera would be ok?. I would say max budget for camera + lens is 800 euros. also because target always will be in range of 15-20 m, I believe I need only one lens. and system will be static it won't be moved around.
Oh and also most likely system OS will be lixus.

ohh and also system will be in outside environment, shouldn't be problem system will have custom made enclosure.
24 hours operation. so PC I want to build, I think these specs should be ok.
AMD motherboard and CPU. maybe, FX series based. can be different also.
GPU, amd or Nvidia, doesn't matter, but budget is in account, will need process images, thinking about something mid-range (RX-480) ???
SSD for OS, 240GB
HDD 1TB shoud be ok, probably server grade, system will be running 24/7.
I guess may need some raid configuration for data safety. any suggestions welcome.
8gb RAM, single stick or dual stick, any suggestions welcome.

any insight would be greatly appreciated.

€800 euros is around $1100 Australian dollars, so camera + lens would be a mid-range camera kit like a Nikon D5500 with a 18mm to 55mm kit lens.

  • you shouldn't restrict yourself to 'one lens', there is no one size fits all in the photography equation.

Hi, and thanks .

I forgot to mention also about flash.
well total budget is 5000euros.
I roughly divided for PC, extra equipment, enclosure, end electronics to automate all system.

I think that for camera set up total budget can be 1500 euros,
Camera + lens +flash (lights)

but then if i take picture in night, is it better to have flesh, or external light or bought together?

I have no idea about photography.

oh end camera don't need to be very high end.
1080 will do fine, don't need 4k. or any super fancy camera.

You need to start slowly, purchase a mid-range DSLR camera (Nikon or Canon), and learn to shoot in 'manual'.

Logan, and Qain produced a video a while ago that may assist your photographic endeavours.

The video below was produced this year:

Depending on the situation, sometimes it is not necessary to use a flash at night (I've captured photos at night just utilising long-exposure settings with just the moonlight for a light-source)

You are talking about 1080p and 4k but also about flash. What are you trying to do here? Do you want to take pictures or video?

You can perform both tasks (video, and stills), but the OP isn't exactly being specific about what they desire in the photographic-sphere (what style of shooting)

*here is a link to an Aussie retail camera site (prices are in Australian dollars so convert to € euros accordingly), @geco use the range of Nikon cameras here to base your research upon.

Don't take this personal but to recommend things before really knowing what it is for is not helpful.

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I'm assuming the OP is being slightly ambitious in what they desire.

The OP needs to take a tonne of random photos, and look at the camera's histogram to review their mistakes, and improve upon them.

@geco This image was captured on a Nikon D90 with a 50mm lens, this is just to give you an idea what can be achieved (and the 50mm is my 'workhorse lens for 'close-up' work)

Moonlit shot at night, again on my 'workhorse' Nikon D90 with 50mm lens.

Please read the OP again.

This is not a "I wanna do portraits and stuff"-question. This is different. This reads more like an automated installation. So please wait for the OP to give a bit more information.

@geco, what exactly is the purpose? What do you want to shoot? Video or photo? For how long?

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Just giving 'photographic examples' Cobber, sounds like the OP is still grasping the basics of photography (as he has stated prior)

Anyway this little digger is off for a Great Northern, and I'll check on the OP's response in the morning.

I hope geco solves his / her dilemma in the photographic-arena.


No i don't to make video. my mistake, what i wanted to say was that i don't need super high quality pictures, but normal good quality.
and i have no idea how how to rate picture quality.

non taken.

ok will try to be more specific

So here is set-up, (idea).

1) small plane (2-4 seats) (small ones) enter "photo are" in specified place
2) photo is taken of plane's side (to read planes ID number)
3) PC will compare ID to ID-LOG, and do some some stuff with data, It's not my task anymore. (my task is mostly hardware)
4) planes leave specified area, and it repeats when next plane enters area.

And I forgot to say that camera should be able to be triggered from pc, if possible. I don't know if non industrial, i mean consumer cameras can to that.

If consumer cameras trigger button is push button then it can be hacked. but i don't want to do that if i don't have to.

OH also idea is to have all process to be automated,
when plane arrives it will trigger some sensor it will send signal to pc which should trigger camera to take pictures, and process them, then if ID match log, plane can leave. and system waits for next plane

I hope that it give you some idea what i need to do.

Thing is i don't want to learn photography myself, idea is that all system is static, and automated, human will not be in charge of taking pictures.

I'm thinking of Miops Triggers to send a message to the camera to capture a photo, but Miops were sound-activated from memory (but specifications might be different in the new models)

Either way, there is a lot of set-up involved to obtain satisfactory results.

Seems like the sort of thing you could do with a security camera (like an IP camera that hooks in to the network and can be accessed by a computer remotely) or something like that